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Get a New Driveway in Charlotte or Lansing, MI

The Driveway Experts at Apex Septic & Excavating Will Do the Job Right

Hire the driveway experts of Apex Septic & Excavating to replace, regrade, or install your driveway. Our crew specializes in driveway construction and has repaired and installed them throughout Charlotte and Lansing, MI. We can:

  • Repair your broken or cracked driveway
  • Remove your old driveway and regrade the empty space
  • Install a new natural gravel, concrete, crushed concrete, limestone or asphalt drvieway

We handle jobs including gravel driveways, regrading, sidewalks, parking pads, private roads, and new construction. There is no driveway too big or too small - we handle it all.

Call (517) 997-6997 to request a free estimate.

Trust the Experience of our Driveway Contractors

Apex Septic & Excavation builds your driveway the right way--from the ground up. From removing the old driveway to achieving the finish you were looking for. Count on Apex Septic & Excavating to build your driveway with quality and precision.