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Get a New Driveway Constructed in Charlotte, Grand Rapids or Lansing, MI

The Driveway Contractors at Apex Septic & Excavation Will Do the Job Right

Your home's exterior might look great - but what about your driveway? An old, crumbling driveway won't exactly boost your curb appeal.

Hire the driveway contractors of Apex Septic & Excavation to fix or replace your residential driveway. Our crew specializes in driveway construction and has repaired and installed pavement on properties throughout Charlotte, Grand Rapids & Lansing, MI. We can:

  • Repair your broken or cracked driveway
  • Remove your old driveway and regrade the empty space
  • Install a new gravel, concrete, or asphalt drvieway







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Go Back to the Basics with our Driveway Contractors

Apex Septic & Excavation builds your driveway the right way--from the ground up. From excavating up the old driveway to giving the finish you were looking for. Count on Apex Septic & Excavation to build your driveway with quality and precision.