Driveways and PRIVATE ROADS

Get a New Driveway in Charlotte or Lansing

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Hire our driveaway experts to replace, upgrade, or install your driveway. We specialize in driveway construction, repairs, and installations across Charlotte and Lansing, MI.

What We Do!

Our driveway professionals can do the following things:

  • Fix your cracked or broken driveways
  • Remove your old driveway and regrade the vacant space
  • Install new gravel, concrete, crushed concrete, limestone, or asphalt driveways
  • Install private roads

We can handle tasks including gravel driveways, regrading, sidewalks, parking pads, private roads, and new constructions. Since we are qualified and experienced professionals, no driveway is too small or big for us!


Trust Our Experienced Driveway Experts

Apex Septic and Excavating constructs your driveways the right way from the ground up. We can remove your old driveway and achieve the desired finish. Trust our experts to build an excellent driveway.